Colorado Prep Football

Both college and professional football are covered to a degree in which it's easy for anyone and everyone to get all the information and scores they need at any time that they want. This is what we aim to do with prep football in the state of Colorado. We want to provide coverage for every single aspect of high school football, from current and updated scores to match details once the game is finished. With that being said, getting scores to readers quickly is just one of the many things that we aspire towards. It is here that we want you to be able to get up-to-date looks at all of the local standings, as a means of ascertaining the playoff situation or simply to see where your favorite team is currently ranked.

After all games have been played, points need to be tallied in order to see where the current placements are. Once the points have been added up, positions for teams will change and will remain as such until the next round of games are played. During the week, you will have the ability to see exactly where all Colorado prep teams stand within all of the conferences. If the team you're rooting for is at a lower rank and looks to be out of the playoff race at the moment, our website will provide you with the means of checking the ranks, as well as the schedules, as a way of determining if your team can still make a run at the playoffs. Maybe they have a couple games on their schedule where they could beat higher ranked opponents and slip into a higher seed that will allow them to get into the playoffs and make another run at the championship for their division. No matter what the situation, we want you to be able to view all of this whenever you want and as soon as the games are finished until the next week rolls around.

Being able to view these rankings at any time can help you to see which games you'll need to pay attention to for the week in order to know if you're team still has a chance at the playoffs, even if it's not a game involving the team you root for. However, it's important to first understand how seeding works. Within the 5A division, the points from each week will determine the placements of all teams that could qualify for an entry into the playoffs. As such, there's nothing further that needs to be done in order for you to know the likeliness of a certain team making the playoffs throughout the season. It's different with the rest of the divisions. With 3A and 4A, the wild card teams are actually chosen by a committee. As this is the case, we only have the ability to show the rankings of the teams that will automatically qualify for the top spots in the playoffs. We will still estimate the placements of the teams that could possibly be chosen for wild card. In some years, this will be easy to do, while others might make for tighter races. In every other division 2A and below, points are not taken into consideration for wild card teams, by a committee or any other entity. Despite this, they will still be tallied up on our site.

Though the aforementioned encompasses the primary features that you will find here, there is still a lot more that we offer. While the main feature of the site allows users to look at the playoff standings for every high school football team in Colorado, it's also possible to view info on teams, as well as the schedule for every game during the season. The site is designed to run smooth and efficiently no matter what page you go to. We want to broaden the interest levels of prep football in and around Colorado in order to bring even more excitement to the sport. Everything on this site has been added and designed in a way that will impart as much knowledge of football as possible to everyone reading it. If you ever have a question about anything that can be found here on the site, all you need to do is contact us, which we have made easy for anyone to do. We want our coverage to be as robust as possible, so if you ever have a suggestion that could better our site, don't hesitate to provide it.