How to Utilize a NFL Lineup Optimizer

Football is easily the most popular of the daily fantasy sports, so it takes a high score every week to walk away with a lot of money. If you want to have a real chance at winning big at daily fantasy football, then you need to gain a statistical edge over most of the players. It is impossible for one person to run all of the math required to get the best daily fantasy lineup each week in the NFL, which is what makes the NFL lineup optimizer so important.

While you can use your knowledge of the NFL to come up with a solid lineup each week of the season, this will not set you apart from everyone else playing. Everyone playing daily fantasy sports for serious money are huge fans of the NFL, so they all know how to build great lineups. Learning to properly use the NFL lineup optimizer is the only way to potentially gain an edge over the rest of the league.

The NFL lineup optimizer is extremely easy to use to find the best rosters for both DraftKings and Fanduel. The lineup optimizer combines our great projections with the prices of each player on DraftKings and Fanduel. Using this information, the NFL lineup optimizer will come up with the highest scoring lineups. Instead of having to manually run projections, you will be able to find the best values in a matter of seconds.

You can even customize the options in the NFL lineup optimizer to get different. If there are players or teams you want to avoid because of injury risks or weather, then you can easily add them to the exclude list. Every player added to the exclude list will automatically be left out of any potential lineups. While our projections account for weather and injury factors, this is a great way to handle breaking news.

You also do not have to use our projections when using the NFL lineup optimizer. If you prefer to make your own projections for all of the players each week, then you can insert this information in the lineup optimizer. It only takes a few seconds to upload your projections from an Microsoft Excel file into the NFL lineup optimizer. Once this information is added, then the lineup optimizer will use this information to determine the highest scoring lineups.

While there are multiple websites that have a lineup optimizer available to use for daily fantasy sports, our exposure feature is what sets us apart from the others. This feature allows you to set the maximum percentage of lineups you want one player to be included in. This is a great way to get several great lineups for a tournament without having to rely on the same players. Your odds of producing a winning lineup go up greatly when using the exposure feature. Anyone in the NFL can get hurt at any time, so you do not want to have the same players in all of your lineups. One injury an your entire day is ruined.

Now that you know how to properly use our NFL lineup optimizer, you can have a big payday each week of the season. Combining this statistical edge with your knowledge of the game is the only way to consistently succeed at daily fantasy sports.